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Why an Independent Freight Forwarder is the Best Choice for your Clearing and Forwarding

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There are many questions a business must ask itself when choosing freight forwarders and clearing agents to partner with.  One of the most important is whether to go with a large multinational or a smaller, independent forwarder to handle your clearing and forwarding for you. As an independent freight forwarder ourselves, Belfreight is proud of our customer-centred approach to forwarding, and are firm believers that a business can get advice and service of the very highest standard by choosing an independent service provider. Here are just a few benefits of partnering with a smaller forwarder rather than a large multinational.


Smaller freight forwarders are able to personalise their service to each customer’s specific needs, with speed and accuracy. While multinationals tend to be stuck in rigid processes, and also tend to only use their own international offices, smaller forwarders can make use of any number of service providers to get your goods to their destination as quickly and affordably as possible.

Personalised Customer Attention

Independent operators offer a far more intimate and personal customer relationship, an important thing to have when you are entrusting them with potentially millions of Rands in cargo. Smaller freight forwarders tend to have customer service at the very top of their agendas, which is a great asset and helps set your mind at ease.

Competitive pricing

Smaller operators have lower overheads and are therefore usually able to compete aggressively in terms of pricing. They will also tend to be more flexible and be able to suggest ways in which you might be able to bring the price of your import or export down, for example, by using a different international partner, or timing the movement of the cargo differently. Independents also tend to have more flexibility and wider choices when calculating the most cost effective route/carrier/price combination.

When you’re dealing with precious cargo, one small mistake can be very costly. An independent freight forwarder will focus on ensuring that you, as the client, are absolutely satisfied with the service they provide, from speed to price.


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