For importers and exporters today, there are many different modes of transport to be considered, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. While sea freight is the usual choice for heavy and large shipments, air freight services are the preferred method for shipments of low volume and high value, offering great advantages over ocean or road freight. Belfreight’s air freight experts are on hand to assist you through the process of transporting your shipment, from point of origin all the way to final destination.

When your shipments are time-sensitive or high-value, your main concern is usually that they arrive safely and on time. Belfreight’s global air freight services will meet your time-in-transit needs every time, whether it’s an urgent delivery or a routine international shipment. Our air freight services give you unprecedented flexibility when it comes to speed and efficiency.

Throughout our years of freighting experience, we have developed strong partnerships with all major South African airlines, enabling us to dispatch your goods with speed and efficiency, and at the lowest possible rates. We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with some of the most flexible options for air freight South Africa has to offer – whether you require door to door or airport to airport.

Belfreight is a level 1 BB-BEE contributor with 75 years of combined expertise in the freight forwarding business. Contact today to find out how we can make freight forwarding easy, efficient and profitable for your business.