One of the biggest challenges in the freight forwarding business today is the inability to generate and analyse information that measures your cargo’s performance against a range of key performance indicators that are specific to your freight journey and supply chain. Inefficient rout planning, careless billing, unnecessary delays and many other factors can cause your shipping costs to quickly spiral out of control, eating into your bottom line.

An integral part of our freight forwarding service is providing our clients with detailed weekly or monthly reports, giving you valuable information regarding your freight costs and the performance of each carrier along the way. Cost discrepancies, errors, and habits that cause delays or higher costs than necessary will be a thing of the past. Our assessments evaluate shipping routes, locations, carriers, modes of transport, pricing, billing and everything in between to optimise the process from start to finish.

With a level 1 BB-BEE rating and more than 75 years of collected experience, Belfreight combines decades of expertise with the latest in technology to make sure that your shipment is on time and on budget, every time. For more information on our management information services, email us at